Mann Mindset is a powerful online sales suite for agents and telemarketers. This site required WordPress, WooCommerce, WP premium plugins, communication APIs for voice calling, Graphic Design, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, SEO, and PayPal Integration.

afocusedpath is an online education system for creating a support village for students. This site required PHP, MySQL, PayPal Integration, Graphic Design, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, AJAX, and SEO.

Skilled in i-on interactive (ScribbleLive) to produce engaging, interactive content marketing that generates higher quality leads. Built two ion frameworks (2000+ sites hosted on them); integrations (e.g. Salesforce and other API services); developed tools for Google Analytics; and so much more.

Edit Sweet! is an on-line registration and booking site for V2 Media’s graphic design and video production  suite. This site required Graphic Design, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, Flash, SEO, and PayPal Integration.

Behind the Scenes was founded on a passion for helping their clients (Hilton, Hampton, Embassy Suites, LUXCON, etc..) shine. This site required lots of APACHE configurations (security e.g. site lock down and search engines block), JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, and ASP Classic.

Viogin was an all-in-one search engine (with Twitter integration). This site required JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, MySQL, Microsoft’s Bing APIs (web, images, video, news, Wikipedia), Twitter APIs, PayPal Integration, and my own custom web crawler to enhance the Wikipedia search.

Yánike is emcee, actor, producer, and songwriter.  To him, the impossible can be made possible. Enjoy the venture he takes you on with his music. This site required Graphic Design, HTML, and CSS.

U.S. Caregivers of America is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Non-Medical In-Home Healthcare Service Agency.  This site required Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Courtesy Care, Inc.‘s mission is to reach out to Shelby County seniors to provide In Home Care Services by staff who’s eager.  This site required Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Responsive Email Template that’s used for email marketing. Rather you need to newsletters, event email notifications, product announcements, and more. Ready-to-go customizable responsive email templates for you!

VoteCast was a live on-line voting and reviews site. It allowed voting on the fly, vote rankings, live comments, game cheats, movie reviews, and more. This site required JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS3, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, Google Ads, SEO, and more.

Bluefish Editor is a free and open source advanced text editor with a variety of tools for programming in general and the development of dynamic websites. YeoWorks contribution was the auto-complete addition of CSS3 rules, properties, and values with description and example codes for Bluefish Editor v2.2.4.  This project required XML for development.

YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions was our small nautilus-script based application that provided one-click ‘solutions’ for a raft of Ubuntu issues. One of the highlighted features was converting 32bit DEB files into 64bit DEB files before Ubuntu had the feature available. This project required Bash (Unix Shell) and Zenity.

PhotoGallery ​allows you to FTP images into a folder of your choice and it will automatically create thumbnails, crop them, and list them out in a gallery. No need to setup a database! PhotoGallery is built with Object-Oriented PHP with jQuery power and also comes with sharing features, image details, image right-click menu blocking, and more. Supports JPG, GIF, and PNG formats.

Shan Paul Massage is massage establishment in Memphis, TN. This appointment booking website project required HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and PayPal Integration.

SkyPray is a site where you post something you want others to pray about.  You can leave comments under prayers and also used the “Prayed” feature to show you prayed.  This site required Graphic Design, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

Yurjo News is an all-in-one news source on Ubuntu. Get the latest scoop on technology, sports, wildlife, cooking, and other things around the world.

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